1830 Die Marriage Picture Summary Page

I hope this will help people sort through the 23 marriages for 1830. Marriages are grouped by Redbook variety and where appropriate, by T-I alignment from left to right. Large 0 and Large Letter varieties first, followed by Small 0, with the medium 0 which is difficult to spot, listed with the small 0 and noted.

Obverse                                                  Reverse

Large 0
Small 0 Large Letters
Small 0's Arranged by T-I Alignment
Right Side of T Left Side of I in Line
1830, right side i left side t in line, capped bust, half dollar
I Centered Under Left Side of T          
1826 i centered under left side of t
Left Sides T-I in Line
1826 left side of t left side of i in line capped busthalf dollar
I Centered Under T
1826 i centered under t capped bust half dollar
Left Side of I Centered Under T           
Right Sides T-I in Line        
1826 right side of t in line with right side of i capped bust half dollar
I Centered Under Right Side of T
1826 i centered under right side of t