1822 Capped Bust Half DollarT-I Alignments

I hope this will help people sort through the 15 marriages with the for 1822. I have added links above each image to suppliment the image links themselves for use with mobile devices. I am lumping the incorrectly labled 22/1 overdate in with the rest by T-I alignment.

Obverse                                                     Reverse

I Centered Between A and T
1822 i centered between a and t, capped bust, half collar
Left Side of T in Line with Right Side of I
leftsideoftrightsideofiinline 1809 capped bust half dollar
Left Sides T-I In Line
1822 left sides of t and i in line, capped bust, half dollar
Right Sides T-I In Line
1822 right side of t and i in line, capped bust, half dollar
I Centered Under Right Side of T
Left Side of I under Right Side of T
left side of i centered under right side of t 1818 capped bust half dollar