1807 O-102 R2 Draped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 2
Reverse: A (Second Marriage)

A common marriage with a nice group of MS examples available. This another of the few pre-turban die marriages that can more or less easily found without problems.

NGC graded VF20. Crusty old original coin. Some obverse strike weakness present. Reverse has a small mark @ U in UNIM. Another one hidden from the pesky paws of the coin dippers.

1807, O-102, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1807, O-102, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1807, O-102, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1807, O-102, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution: Obverse-narrow Milling. Stars 7, 8 and 13 are all less than 1/2 mm. from L, Y and bust. Star 13 points to upper fold of drapery. Left serif of Y points to well above top of T. Date is 7 1/4 mm. and high, with large 180 and small 7. 1 nearly touches and sometimes is lightly joined to curl. A chipping of the die begins with a small lump inside upper loop of 8 and progresses until the upper insides of 807 are all rough. A fine die crack is usually visible from edge near star 6 curving through star 7 and L to top curl..

Reverse-5 berries, 3 below olive branch have long stems, 2 above branch have short stems. Leaf points to extreme right base of I. Eagle's beak joined to star point. Base of A2 lightly touches third feather and base of M and is also very close to end of fourth feather.

1807 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-102: 8

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