1795 O-133 R8 Flowing Hair Half Dollar

Obverse: 20? (New Obverse)
Reverse: N (Sixth Marriage, first used in 1794, Rev B, O-102)

To all interested, it is apparent that this die marriage is very similar to the O-122, therefore some collectors may have one already but just made the assumption that it was a 122 (or one of the other 3 marriages that used reverse N). So be sure to check your examples. Images I am sure will be made available of a real coin soon, and I believe others will be found, perhaps making a different die marriage more scarce as well.

Addendum: If anyone out in the cyberworld is checking out this page, do you agree that this is another O-133?
1795 O-133, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
1795 O-133, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
1795 O-133, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
1795 O-133, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution (Preliminary): Obverse-Star 1 barely pierces. Star 2 is clear of second curl. Star 15 touches bust near upper end of same. Date is 8 1/2 mm. "It is the position of the “T” in “LIBERTY.” For the O-133, the “T” tilts to the left as compared to the “R” and “Y”. Perkins says that if a line were drawn through the center of the T, it would point to the upper edge of the dentil above it. Meanwhile, the O-122 shows the “T” titled slightly to the right relative to the “R” and “Y”, and a line inscribed through the center of the “T” would aim right for the center of the dentil just above. Moreover, Star 2 is further from the second curl on the O-133 than it appears on the O-122."

Reverse- 17 berries 9 left and 8 right and the only such division with four berries under the right wing , 3 inside and 1 outside. CA in AMERICA is recut. Lower leaf is connected to A3. Leaf under I in AMERICA nearly touches right base. There is a heavy die break from milling down through M, across left base of E, end of wing and base of A to rim below right ribbon. This is the only 9-8 division with four berries under right wing.

1795 Emission Sequence Number for O-133: Not sure yet

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Well...I think I found one, as it sure fits the description
01/03 Heritage (FUN-Orlando)          PCGS F15 (See LINKY above)