1805 O-114 R8 Draped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse 5
Reverse B (Fourth Marriage)
Small 5. 3 Known examples Pics Needed! Discovered in 1981

The only example that has appeared for sale the last 25 years is the coin pictured in the Overton Book, a VG10.

Variety Attribution : Obverse-Close date is 7 1/2 mm. with large 180 and small straight upright 5. All stars are large and flat. Star 7 points  to lower left base of liberty and star 13 is very close to bust.

Reverse-4 berries and the two center ones have long stems, the upper and lower ones no stems. 12 arrows and the second arrow point is below the left stand of N. Beak and star are attached solid point to point. End of leaf close to right base of I. Most specimens show a fine die crack from tip of right wing to top of AM.

1805 Emission Sequence Number for O-114: 8 (estimated)

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