1812 Capped Bust Half Dollars

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Design Type 3: 1812-1817

Mintage: 1,628,059

Overton Numbers and Rarity Ratings:
O-101 (R5-) O-101a (R5)
O-102 (R2) O-102a (R2)
O-103 (R1)
O-104 (R1) O-104a (R1)
O-105 (R1) O-105a (R2)
O-106 (R3)
O-107 (R1)
O-108 (R2) O-108a (R2)
O-109 (R3) O-109a (R2)
O-110 (R1) O-110a (R1) O-110b (R6)

Redbook Varieties:

1812, 2 over 1, Small 8
1812, 2 over 1, Large 8
1812 Single Leaf Below Wing
O-103 thru O-110

1812 Design Changes:
New obverse hub. Deepened hair curls, breast, and shoulder of Miss Liberty. Drapery also modified. John Reich's final hub modification before leaving the mint in 1817.

1812 Capped Bust Half Dollars were the only silver coins minted that year.
Important Historical Events in 1812

Second of four total massive earthquakes hit the New Madrid region of Missouri.

War of 1812 begins with a US declaration of war on Britain, War of 1812 begins

Louisana becomes 18th state of the US

James Madison re-elected as President of the US