1811 O-102 R4 (1811 over 10) Capped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 1 (Second Marriage)
Reverse: B (Second Marriage)
Much tougher variety than the O-101, and much more rare in problem free high grades with perhaps just two mint state examples known. The lack of appearances for this variety makes one wonder if this is more scarce than the R4 indicates, and there also seems to be a lack of significant premium to these as well.
1811, O-102, 11 over 10 , Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1811, O-102, 11 over 10 , Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1811, O-102, 11 over 10 , Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1811, O-102, 11 over 10 , Capped Bust, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution: Obverse-11 over 10. Stars are large, usually flat on the left and sharp on the right. Mouth well open to full depth. Date is 9 1/4 mm. There is a bold die dot between 8.1 at bottom and a much smaller dot between 11 near top and a bit closer to the left 1. A fine vertical curved line is to the right of the last 1. A spike is upward from the top front of cap. Some specimens show a fine die crack joining stars 9 through 12. There are minor differences from O-101 caused by the re-working of the die. The upper forecurl now stands far out from the headband. The mouth is wide open, much more than on O-101. The small dot between 11 and the fine semi circle to right of last 1 are gone. the dot between 81 and spike at cap are still there but smaller. Stars are now sharp on left and flat at right, opposite of O-101. Milling is only a trace or none at all.

Reverse-50. C. is 1 3/4 mm. Center dot between crossbars 4 and 5. Arrowheads flat and separated. Arrow to A is 3/4 mm. I under right side of T. Besides the lines from crossbars 1 and 3, there is a small spike from right corner of shield.

1811 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-102: 6
Overall Number: 45

Other Notes:
According to Edgar Souders, he estimates that the projected mintage figure for this overdate is approximately 185,176. Get his book Bust Half Fever and read all about Overdates and how he came up with the number! This number does include both the O-101 and O-102 marriages.
This overdate may not have been the result of the use of a left over 1810 die, but may have been an engraver error and the engraver after realizing his mistake, lapping off (removing) the incorrectly punched 1810 and replacing it with 1811.

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