1824 O-102 R5+ 1824/1 Capped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 1 (Second Marriage)
Reverse: B (Second Marriage, first used in 1823)
Later die state where the 4/1 is barely noticeable.
Problem free examples are particularly difficult, and there are very few AU's and even an XF can be tough. Premiums tend to be pretty steep.
1824/1, O-102, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1824/1, O-102, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1824/1 O-102 Date
1824/1 O-102 Date
1824/1, O-102, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1824/1, O-102, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution: Obverse-1824 over 1. 1 shows near top of 4 on each side. Stars large and sharp. Date is a close 7 3/4 mm. with large 4 over 1. Serif of the overcut 1 shows at left and edge of stand at right of the top of 4. 2 and 4 nearly touch and are much closer than 182. This is the only 24 over 1 found, although two other varieties are often mistaken for over 1, but are actually over miscut 4's. At this state, the overdate is not very distinguishable, especially on worn specimens.

Reverse- 50 C. is large and widely spaced 2 3/4 mm. Arrow to A nearly touch. Right sides of T-I in line. Center dot on crossbar 4 but mostly between 3 and 4. Letters of legend all well separated. Small die dot between scroll and eagle's head under U.

According to Edgar Souders, he estimates that the projected mintage for this overdate is approximately 412,347. This includes both O-101 and O-102. Get his book Bust Half Fever and read all about overdates and how he came up with the number!

1824 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-102: 5
Overall Number: 171

Top five condition census coins from last 10 years of auction and sale records:
01/09 Heritage (FUN-Orlando)                  PCGS AU58
07/08 Downey (Meyer-Sel Rarities)         PCGS AU58
01/15 Downey MBS 40 (Davignon-FUN)  PCGS AU53 CAC
01/19 Downey MBS 48                               PCGS  XF det-cleaned (Witham)
08/16 Downey MBS 43 (ANA-Anahem)     PCGS XF40 det Scratched