1829 Capped Bust Half Dollars

Design Design Type 5 1825-1831 and Design Type 6 1826-1830

Mintage: 3,712,156

Overton Numbers and Rarities:
O-101 (R1) O-101a (R1)
O-102 (R2) O-102a (R5?)
O-103 (R1)
O-104 (R5+?) O-104a (R3)
O-105 (R1) O-105a (R1)
O-106 (R5-)
O-107 (R3)
O-108 (R2) O-108a (R3) 
O-109 (R4+) O-109a (R4+)
O-110 (R2) O-110a (R2)
O-111 (R2) O-111a (R2)
O-112 (R1) O-112a (R2)
O-113 (R3) O-113a (R2)
O-114 (R3)
O-115 (R1)
O-116 (R3) O-116a (R4?)
O-117 (R2)
O-118 (R4+)
O-119 (R2)
O-120 (R8)

Redbook Varieties:
1829, 9 over 7
1829, Large Letters
O-101 O-102
O-103 thru O-109, O-111 thru O-120

The use of 2 Design hubs continues...
Important Historical Events of 1829

Cornerstone laid for 1st US mint (Chestnut & Juniper St, Phila)