1806 O-122 R6 Draped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 10 (Third Marriage)
Reverse: R
21-22 Known

A true toughie with a PCGS AU55 being second finest, and now a newly discovered NGC MS62 being finest. This one does draw a significant premium when ballyhood by auction houses. Half the examples appear to have problems as well. Steve Tompkins located over 20 examples lowering the rarity rating recently to R6.
1806, O-122, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1806, O-122, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1806, O-122, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1806, O-122, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution: Obverse-All stars have sharp points. S7 is 1 mm. from L. Star 8 is only 1/2 mm.from Y and Star 13 is 1/2 mm from bust. Date is a close 7 3/4 mm. and high. 1  and 6 nearly touch curl and bust. Y recut at left side.

Reverse-5 berries and all have short stems. Point of leaf to right base of I and a close 1/4 mm. Point of star joined to beak near its point. E in UNITED recut at left side. A2 is solidly joined to both third feather and M. Upper left star has been recut or repunched at upper three points. A pronounced and rough die break from milling just left of tail feathers, rus up between stripes 2 and 3, to top of the shield. Late states show a die crack from the first through arrow feathers through base of U below NITED into left wing feathers.
1806 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-122: 23

Top five condition census coins from last 10 years of auction and sale records :
01/19 Heritage (FUN-Orlando)                         NGC MS62
09/18 Heritage (Long Beach)                          PCGS XF40 det (Damage)
02/18 Heritage (Long Beach)                          PCGS XF40 Details (cleaned)
11/19 Stack's-B (Baltimore)                             PCGS (S) VF35 CAC
01/18 Heritage (FUN-Tampa)                           PCGS VF35