1809 Capped Bust Half Dollars

Design Type 2 (1809-1811)

Mintage: 1,405,810 (but there is speculation that the actual number may be more like 1,100,000)

Overton #'s and Rarity Ratings:
O-101 (R5)
O-102 (R1) O-102a (R1)
O-103 (R1)
O-104 (R5-)
O-105 (R2)
O-106 (R3)
O-107 (R3) O-107a (R4)
O-108 (R4) O-108a (R4)
O-109 (R3) O-109a (R2) O-109b (R4)
O-110 Prime-No incused segments over eagle (R6) O-110 (R4+)
O-111 Prime-Full Dentils EDS (R4?) O-111 (R2) O-111a (R2)
O-112 (R5-)
O-113 (R5) O-113a (R5)
O-114 (R5) O-114a (R5)
O-115 (R2) O-115a (R3)
Redbook Varieties:
1809, Normal
1809, XXXX Edge
1809, IIII Edge

O-101 thru O-115
Generally O-101 O-102 O-108a O-110
Generally O-107 O-107a O-108 O-109 O-109a O-111a

Design Changes from Type 1 to Type 2

1) Cap height shortened, cap no longer extends below the LIBERTY band.
2) Hair curls modified. Curl above clasp moved away from clasp. Some hair details thickened while others thinned.
3) Length of Liberty ribbon shortened.
4) Miss Liberty's forehead shortened.
5) Drapery reduced around bust
6) Size of clasp increased, drapery ends shortened.
7) Ear improved so that you can actually see that it is an ear.

1) Slight modifications to the scroll ends.
2) Eagles beak is longer, as is the neck thickness at the shield.
3) Shield is wider.
4) Contour and placement of eagle's wings slightly changed.
5) Left wing and leg feather detail changed from pointed tip to round tip feathers.
6) Eagle's left leg widened.
7) Olive branch has been enlarged, the olive leaves have been slightly modified, and the berries have been altered so as to make the split more clear.
8) Eagle talons and claws are larger.
9) The positioning of the arrows has been altered so as to extend below the olive stem.
10) Arrowheads enlarged.
11) The Period after UNIM has been eliminated.

"Experimental" or more correctly "Repaired Edge" Varieties
In 1809 there are two edge varieties that collectors accept as separate types. They are the XXXX and IIII edges. The Overton numbers generally associated with each are listed above.

The Normal Edge

The XXXX edge would look like this:

While the IIIII edge would look like this:

Note that on the actual Half Dollars the XXXX and IIII would be much more crude than above.
Pictures of each may be found on the example pages, O-102 and O-107a

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Important Historical Events of 1809

1st US steamboat to make an ocean voyage travels from New York to Philadelphia