1811 O-113 R5 Small 8 Capped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 8 (Second Marriage)
Reverse: J (Second Marriage)
This one is very tough, especially above XF as there are no MS examples accounted for as of yet, with an AU58 or two topping the census.
1811, O-113, Small 8, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1811, O-113, Small 8 Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1811, O-113, Small 8, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1811, O-113 Small 8 Capped Bust, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution: Obverse-The wide mouth is slightly open. Date is 9 3/4 mm. well centered and all figures slanted sharply to the left. Stars 1 and 7 point between segments. Die is well used and milling is usually weak and incomplete.

Reverse-50 C. is 1 3/4 mm. and low, with bottom of 5 somewhat broken. Arrow to A is 1/2 mm. Right side of T and left side of I in line. Center dot between crossbars 4 and 5. Center arrohead recut. AM nearly touch. Crack top of D and STATES. Another faint one from lower tip of right wing down through arrowheads, 50 C. and olive leaves to U.

1811 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-113: 9
Overall Number: 48

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