1806 O-117 R5- Draped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 9 (Fourth Marriage)
Reverse: M (Second Marriage)

In doing a tad bit of research, there appears to be 1 single AU coin out there (AU58) and a handful of XF's. Are there really 64-80 known? I count far less than that, maybe closer to 30. The Overton book says R4 and the AMBPR clames R5-. This one needs to have a closer look, and I would place a bet on the R5- moving to at least R5. If you see one appear, better get it!
1806, O-117, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1806, O-117, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1806, O-117, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
1806, O-117, Draped Bust, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution: Obverse-Stars are large with sharp points. S7 is 1 1/4 mm. from base of L. Star 8 is slightly over 1/2 mm. from top of Y. Date large, a close 8 mm. and high, 1 nearly touches curl. There is only a trace of recutting at TY. There is a center dot in hair below and to left of ear.there is a crack a crack at base of date and left through several stars. this crack becomes sharper, branching into two cracks at left.In the later stages with the progressive breaking of the die small lumps develop at bottom of 806 and at stars 1 and 2. the crack gradually extends to right of date and to left through all stars. A new crack appears at top of LIBER.

Reverse-5 berries and all have heavy stems. Point of beak is buried in upper side of star point. Point of leaf to right base of I and slightly over 1/4 mm. distant. AM touch and ME nearly do. Left base of A, very close to third feather and well above fourth.

1806 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-117: 27

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